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Virtual Building  Inspections...
Sitting From Your Office! 
Remote Video Inspection Software for Government Agencies And Municipalities.  Built for Permit Clerks, Inspectors, Contractors,  And Private Provider Inspection Services.

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Reinventing The Way Inspections Are Done!

Inspected provides accurate, located, and remote video inspections that are  done seamlessly and efficiently; ultimately
 replacing an in-person inspection. 

In our ever-changing world, it is essential to continuously grow and adapt to your own needs and the needs of customers.
Businesses and service providers must consistently work smarter, and be more efficient. Inspected can achieve this by focusing on the health and safety of workers, providing eco-friendly solutions, and more recently encouraging social distancing.

Inspectors  can perform inspections right from the office saving travel time, increasing efficiency, and responding to the needs of our industry as well as promoting the health and safety of workers.

Algorithmic geo-tagging of inspections validates and authenticates the location of inspections improving accuracy and reliability.
Dynamic scheduling of remote inspections provides available time slots and multiple time frames.
Especially in this critical time, Inspected provides a solution for guidelines set across the world to practice social distancing.

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Inspected Geo Locates the home owner or contractor to the house to
ensure accuracy and reliability of the inspection.
Inspectors perform inspections right from the office, saving travel time,
increasing efficiency, and ultimately saving your organization money.


Especially in this critical time, Inspected provides a solution for guidelines set across the world to practice social distancing through Remote Video Inspections ( RVI)

INSPECTED: Video Walkthrough with Inspector & Contractor

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High Quality Video: Automatic Geo Tagging

Pass or Fail Inspection, Postpone, Reschedule...

10 Great Reasons To Consider INSPECTED for Remote Video Inspections.

# 1 -Scheduling inspections :
Inspected includes a comprehensive scheduling application.

# 2 -Tracking inspections :
Inspected provides a fully integrated tracking dashboard.

# 3 -Inspectors ability to view plans:
 While conducting the inspection and Inspected allows the clerk to attach plans.

# 4 -Training :
inspected can provide or at the least a User Guide.

# 5 – Documenting inspections :
The Inspections are recorded and saved.
Video preserved for 1 year.
Photos preserved indefinitely.

# 6 -Verification of inspection site :
Inspected uses GPS triangulation cross-referenced with County records.

# 7 -Interface with existing permitting applications :
Inspected uses API and EDI interface to create seamless communication.

# 8 -Contractor/Homeowner views :
Dashboard via a mobile app to streamline communications and coordinate conduct and schedule inspections.

# 9 -Set up is fast and efficient :
Inspected is plug and play.
Able to integrate with no disruption.
Can integrate via API.
Dashboard views.

#10 – Security to protect all data
Biometric Authentication.
Extremely Limited Time Offer
FREE TRIAL: Just show up on the webinar LIVE and we will GIVE you a free trial for 30 days to test with your inspectors, contractors, homeowners and permit clerks.

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